Alternative Teens. Established 30th April 2017.

From a young age, people around me have said that I have a way with words. I never really saw this as a skill or something that I should be proud of. It’s not like being able to play football really well or sing really well. Yes, I write well, but doesn’t everyone?


People have also told me that I should take writing as a hobby and develop my skills beyond English lessons at school. Try writing a book. Maybe attend a writer’s workshop.

My year 7 teacher even went as far as to try and get a piece I had written for a history project published by finding a publisher through Twitter. I don’t think Twitter was the best platform to use, but looking back, I didn’t really mind if it got published or not. I would probably be cringing at to this present day.

I’ve tried a lot of writing-orientated apps. Fanfiction was the first. Too much Harry Potter and stories dating back to the ancient times (circa 2007). Wattpad was next. Too much fanfiction and poor grammar for my liking. Tablo was the last and most recent. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s because no one uses it.

Around the same time last year, my friends were infected with the craze of blogging. Because it’s just so hip and trendy. Everyone takes you seriously if you have a blog.

So I jumped on the bandwagon and created one myself. I didn’t know what to write about. I wanted to write, but I had no ideas. My blog had no general theme – it was just all over the place. On top of that, I had very little traffic coming in. Some people followed or left a like, but no one commented. I wasn’t getting any feedback. I didn’t know if the garbage that I was putting out there was any good.

I was disheartened and took a break from blogging. I let it float in the dark abyss of the internet. It was always hovering somewhere in the back of my mind. I considered the options. Maybe I should blog again. Maybe I should blog about something different. Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe it’ll turn out the same. After several months, I deleted it and started afresh. This time round, I knew exactly what I wanted my blog to be about.

It was just so simple. Why hadn’t I thought of it the first time?

Hobbies/interests + writing talent = pretty snazzy blog

I like to talk about my interests – who doesn’t? On the downside, no one close to me shares the same interests. But I still want to talk about them.

Alternative Teens is where I can talk about said interests and connect with those who also share a love for alternative media.

– Remi xx

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