thunder – imagine dragons [track review]

“Not a yes sir, not a follower.”

I’m not going to lie. Imagines Dragons are very mainstream.

At almost every social event you go to, there’s bound to be “On Top Of The World” or “Sucker For Pain” playing sometime in the background. You cannot exist on this planet without ever hearing “Radioactive” or “Demons”.

That being said, those are the only songs most people have heard from the American rock band. Me? I happen to own both of their albums and can list plenty of songs from those albums that are better than “Radioactive”.

I’ve been a proper fan of Imagine Dragons since early 2015 with the release of their sophomore album, Smoke and Mirrors. The thing that I like about Imagine Dragons is that they can play almost any style and still sound good. It’s hard for fans to decide on whether they’re an indie rock band, a pop/rock band, or simply a rock band. Some of their songs have distinct rock elements to them, such as “I’m So Sorry” and “Friction”, while others are more softer and “pop-like”. “Thunder” is a good example.

“Thunder” is the second single released for Imagine Dragons’ third album, Evolve. After the release of “Believer”, the first single, I was very excited for this album. “Thunder”, however, seems to be a step-down from “Believer”.

From the get-go, the track sounds a bit messy. The transition between the verses and choruses sound awkward and forced. The choppy female vocals are mind-numbing and completely unnecessary – the main let-down of the entire song. The chorus itself is just so annoying, one that you’ll hate to have stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The lyrics aren’t very memorable either, just bland and overly simple. A track I wouldn’t release as a single. More like one of those dreaded “album-fillers” than a single.

“Thunder” is one of those easy-listening tunes. (I wouldn’t even call it that either.) A track you might hear on the radio, or played alongside its predecessors at social events. Something you may hear local sporting clubs use as their pre-meet anthem. Not something I would listen to for a long time. If anything, I won’t be listening to this song much more in the future.

To be truthful, I am disappointed in this track. I can only hope this album exceeds the standard set by Smoke and Mirrors. I’m starting to get mixed feelings about Evolve. Let’s hope “Thunder” was a bit of an experiment and nothing that we’ll hear more of with the rest of the album.

Evolve is to be released on the 23rd of June this year.

Let’s summarise!

Positives: Are there even any?

Negatives: Overly simple, annoying chorus, awkward transitions, not enough energy

Initial thoughts: Believer 2.0?

Final thoughts: Thu-thu-thunder! Hear the thu-thu-thunder!

Final rating: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Recommendation: Nah. Don’t bother. You’ll hear it soon enough on the radio anyway.


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