young and menace – fall out boy [track review]

“And I lived so much life, lived so much life I think that God is gonna have to kill me twice.”

Just like how 2017 happens to be the year every artist is finally releasing a new album, I feel like April is the month every artist is dropping a single or two.

Because there have been so many new releases lately, I’ll be slowly making my way through them once I have a proper listen. But first, I’ll be covering Fall Out Boy’s highly-anticipated and much talked-about, Young and Menace.

I started listening to Fall Out Boy in 2014. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore fan, but I do enjoy their music. On a mentally stable level. I have listened to their older albums (Folie à Deux is their best work, in my opinion) and their newer albums (American Beauty/American Psycho is their weakest effort, in my opinion). I even tried to persuade my classmates to have Thnks Fr Th Mmrs as our class slideshow theme for our year 7 graduation. I lost to Ed Sheeran.

Young and Menace is the first single released for Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album, M A N I A. (Yes, there is spacing between the letters, calm down everyone.) I’m not an avid Twitter user, but I’ve heard that the band’s bassist, Pete Wentz, tweeted plenty of teasers about the upcoming album to hype the fans. I believe there is a lot of purple and seaside scenery involved, trying to look a bit hipster and Tumblr-esque?

Now I’m going to be completely honest. The first time I listened to the track I couldn’t even get past the chorus. Or is it more dubstep than a chorus? Emostep?


Whatever. I just couldn’t stand it. It was such a mess of vocals and trippy drum beats. It wasn’t Fall Out Boy. There was no guitar, nothing that made the track even remotely rock. Pop rock wouldn’t have been so bad, but this was just pop. I was disappointed beyond human understanding.

I paused the song and scrolled through the comments. (This is the best part of any music video because comment wars, right?) Not surprisingly, the fans are quite divided. You have those who believe the band are selling out to the pop industry to try and gain more airplay on the radio, and those who believe the band are just simply experimenting with style and are making a natural progression through their musical career.

Remember Linkin Park? Well.

Let’s not forget that Fall Out Boy have always been pop, in a sense. They have always been mainstream. Although punk rock isn’t popular now, it was 10 years ago. Fall Out Boy undoubtedly were played on the radio even back then. Let’s also not forget that the whole emo rock phase, followed by the likes of other popular bands like Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance, died back in 2008. Most Fall Out Boy fans probably aren’t even old enough to remember that.

I stayed away from the song for a few hours, but I felt a sudden urge to listen to the rest of the song. I felt like I hadn’t given it enough justice. So I did. Then I replayed it. And again. And again. You know what happened next.

What can I say? The song is very intriguing. You get used to the choppy vocals in the chorus after a while. The verses are eerily quiet, but I can hear the dynamics in Patrick’s voice every time the pre-chorus approaches. From their older music, I know that Patrick Stump has a very talented voice; I feel like he didn’t get the opportunity to show it off more in this track. However, I am hoping to hear more of him in the rest of the album.

So yes, a song has literally converted me from one end of the scale to the other.

Many believe this track sounds nothing like Fall Out Boy. I beg to differ. The lyrics are what strike me the most. Fall Out Boy are infamous for their well-written songs with strange yet meaningful lyrics that are so uniquely Fall Out Boy. You don’t know what they mean, but the words just flow together perfectly. Lyrics that you can just cry out at the top of your lungs. Lyrics that you find yourself scribbling all over your arm in ink because they’re so good.

As much as I like listening to the old Fall Out Boy, I’m glad they’re taking a shift in their style. I’m glad they’re growing out of their old style and writing music that is more well-suited for this time and generation. They’ve even stated in an interview that they don’t want to go back to their original sound, and I respect their decision. I like both – the old and the new. It still sounds like Fall Out Boy; it still has that Fall Out Boy feel. I’m quite content with this track, and I will be listening to more.

M A N I A is to be released on the 15th of September.

Let’s summarise!

Positives: Different atmosphere in the track, varying levels of dynamics, awesome lyrics, trippy but addictive drum beat.
Negatives: Chorus is a bit all over the place – may not appeal to everyone, random guitar chord in the final breakdown – not cool!
Initial thoughts: Dennis the Menace?
Final thoughts: Hey, this wouldn’t be so bad to play at a party. I could actually get some of my friends into Fall Out Boy.
Final rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.
Recommendation: I do recommend having a listen to the track. It’s not for everyone, I must admit. If you’re into more electronic rock/pop, this might appeal to you.

Have any suggestions for more music I should review? Let me know by leaving a comment or contact me privately using the ‘contact’ link above.


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    1. Funny part is that all of my classmates were digging the song and I was almost certain that it was going to be our class theme song, BUT THEN someone suggested ‘Photograph’ and everyone forgot all about FOB :/


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