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Hello reader, I see you've stumbled across my blog. My name's Remi, and I'm the teen writer behind this blog. Alternative Teens is all about alternative media. From undiscovered YA novels, to alternative music, grunge photography, style and fashion, written just for teens like myself who seek to stand out from the crowd. I'll be... Continue Reading →

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thunder – imagine dragons [track review]

"Not a yes sir, not a follower." I'm not going to lie. Imagines Dragons are very mainstream. At almost every social event you go to, there's bound to be "On Top Of The World" or "Sucker For Pain" playing sometime in the background. You cannot exist on this planet without ever hearing "Radioactive" or "Demons".... Continue Reading →

now or never – halsey [track review]

"Got a whole lot of love, but you don't wanna spread it 'round with me." Now Or Never is the first single for American singer/songwriter Halsey's upcoming sophomore album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which is to be released June 2nd this year. If you've never heard of Halsey, you've definitely heard "that overplayed Chainsmokers song with... Continue Reading →

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